About Ibermúsica Artists

Helping you achieve your artistic ambitions

Artist management

Ibermusica Artists becomes an artistic exchange platform where excellence and commitment define our line of work. We strive for a direct and close relationship with our artists where trust makes the difference and excellent communication our daily goal. 

Ibermúsica, founded by Alfonso Aijón in 1970, has evolved in accordance with the times, preserving artistic quality, rigor and passion for art in general and music in particular. The institution has worked for almost 50 years with the finest orchestras and soloists. The list of artists who have made their debut in Spain under the auspices of Ibermúsica is extremely long, thanks to the professionalism that has been this company’s trademark. 

We have a dedicated team with enormous experience in this field that converts needs into virtues and adapts its work to the ambitions of each individual artist. We take care of every detail of our concerts by developing a national and international network of enormous prestige within the world of classical music. Our artists move in the very best venues worldwide with an exciting and varied programme that forges impeccable and sustainable careers over time.